To art

To art or not.  I have not been here for awhile. Why, because I lost my passion to create, to be creative.  This last year I have been inspired again because of life’s moments.

Life happens even when your not looking. The events that have taken place in my life have aroused why I paint. Family, friends and living this is it all in a hand bag.

Since I was very young I have been painting people. In high school my pages were covered in all of my fellow students around me. Got me me in more trouble more than once, but  I’m a bit strong headed.

Recently in passing it was mentioned that portraits do not sell. Although I know this, am I painting to sell or do I paint to portray moments in life we all have.  Have to say this has put my painting on hold for three weeks, not five years.

The question is can I paint a landscape, a still life, a street scene? I ask you to visit  I am currently revising this website as it is not user friendly but it gives you an idea. I believe the answer is there.

I paint portraits, people because to me the moments I capture can touch everyone of us. Painting people I  know invites passion into my work.

Paint what inspires you. I hope that’s why we create!


Thank you for visiting


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The Struggling artist

Tonight there I was in a room full of artists.  We were all there trying to improve the way we see, the way we express, and make what we do better.  During our break, as we discussed a new show coming up the comment was made, ” I’m the invisible artist”.  I looked at this woman with question.  She revealed that she has been an artist in Calgary since the sixties, struggling, trying to break into the world of being a recognized artist. This world of being an artist  is not an easy one.

We look into history and before the Impressionists, being an artist was designed.  You were either accepted into the salon to Exhibit or you were not.  Once the Impressionists stepped out of the regimented world of art, all things changed.  Now over a hundred years later there are no guidelines to be followed, not all so bad, the freedom to express is welcomed.

What I am scared of is that in this world of technology and speed, the art of being a craftsman in any trade; being it art of painting or the building of fine furniture, is secondary to having it all.

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who am I


This week I was asked “What kind of artist are you”. My response after pondering,  I am a modern traditionalist.  What does that mean? I love the traditional art and the modern art; I work hard to integrate both.

Thinking about what I just said. Traditional art is understanding the elements of design: composition, value, perspective, temperature and balance.  The foundation of any structure to make a sound base.  Modern art; being able to use the foundation and step out of the box like the impressionist did. I find colour fascinating. One of my fellow artists said one night at an art retreat. Quote, Erica Neumann, “You can put any colour anywhere, as long as it is the right temperature and the right value”  What an astute statement.

So by using the technical part of traditional art and the ideas of modern art and using modern materials, I explore new ideas, new techniques and incorporate this into the art I create.IMG_00000230

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In a Quandary

The Ring Master

The Ring Master

Where shall I begin.  As you all know I’ve been struggling with being creative.

Good news.  I have been painting.  More paintings have come out of me in the last  six months than the last two years.  I have at least six new paintings already forming in my mind.  Of course, I’m off on a new tangent.  I’m excited and my brain is painting non stop

So what could be my quandary?

First of all let me tell you about my summer.  I moved my studio outside to that deck that I love so much to be on.  Under my gazebos I painted almost every day, when the sun shone or the rain poured.  I was in heaven.  I explored pastels, big oil paintings, new surfaces.  It was a plethora of creative excitement.

So September comes and I must pack up the best studio I have ever had, life goes on.  Time to get back to work.  Problem being that the summer opened up my creative channel and my whole house has become a studio… but this is not the real problem.  It feels GREAT to want to create again.

Here is my quandary.  You all know I do not paint for commerce, but I want to share.  That is an integral part of creating.  Easier said than done.  I must now put on the other hats of being an artist. I must photograph, crop and catalogue all my work.  I must market, advertise and network, not my art, but myself as the creator of the most exciting new art that has hit the art world.

I can hear it now, the voices, “So hire someone.”  I’m here to tell you I tried for two years.  I could not find anyone who wanted to take on the job of being an Art Marketer.   Then again I hear the voices, “Take your portfolio to the galleries. ” Good idea after I photograph, crop and catalogue all my work, write an Artist Statement , Resume and again sell myself..

I am not saying this is wrong, it is the way. What I’m trying to say is how can a person be totally right-brained to create, switch to the left brain to become the marketer, salesperson and then go home and again become the left brain creator of amazing art.

This is the quandary!!!!!!

Contiplating 10x15

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as i sit

So some of you may not know, I am a gardener.  I have been working hard this year to make my place sing.  The fact of the matter is that it is not going to happen.

Nature is not stupendous in colour, it is subtle and calm.  It is the reason we love nature.  We live in a world that is moving fast..  Everything is technology and being connected.  When we step outside it all slows down,

I remember living on the prairies, looking at all of the pictures of the mountains and being so excited to see the mountains.  I was so disappointed.  I was expecting magnificent and I got awesome but not overwhelming.

I think as an artist and in this day and age we need to calm our viewers.  Why do I say this.  As I sit on my deck I realize that I love the calm and I need the calm.  Let’s  give our viewers our people a place to leave and have the down time,

Kanaskis in the winter

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Is the art good enough

12x16I struggle with this all the time.  I paint a few new paintings and I’m so excited.  I feel I;ve finally made a painting that will touch people.  And then a while later I wonder what I was thinking.

I’m in an art display this weekend.  I put out a couple of pieces, not large by any means, but just a little different from I have put out before.  And now hours before the show, I’m panicking..  Will my art stand up.  Am I going to look like a smuck.

I know the basics. I know the elements that make a painting.  I can pick out what needs to be done to a painting, or what needs to be fixed, but can I excite the viewer with what I have to offer.

As an artist every time we put  our creations on display, we are putting ourselves out to the public.  I think this is the scariest moment you can endure.  Scarier than bungy jumping.

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Hitting the wall

This gallery contains 3 photos.

I never thought this would happen to me. I’ve hit the wall.  Last weekend, I spent two days in front of a 40x 40 canvas.  I knew the image I wanted to portray.  I did my homework, a small study.  … Continue reading

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moving on

So this is going to start differently. 

Months ago I started having my nails done.  As time goes by I work harder at dressing better, looking better, taking more time with my hair. Then I connected this with my art. I then reflected to my students and the progress they make in their paintings.

So here is my thought. As an artist you paint the painting. And yes you have achieved a success. Noticed by all around you. So this makes you strive to be better, and each time you receive the positive affirmation you strive for more success. To achieve more success you must learn more about the elements of design.

|Artist, you are now on the road to being an artist.



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why and what do you paint

So as the artist do we paint to replicate. In this time of our lives, I would say no.  There are so many outstanding ways to replicate which has nothing to do with painting.

As an artist we paint to depict a moment, a feeling and a connection to the image that we paint. We must as an artist touch our viewers beyond the composition we display.  Every image we portray should be talking about how that image talked to us. What we as the portrayer visualised. We are who make the magic happen.

Most people who do not see through the eyes of an artist have preconceived ideas of what they see.  A tree trunk is brown, leaves are green, roses are red.  Should I go on. What our viewers do not see is how the light or the shadow changes the image and makes it more than.

How do we obtain being able to put the images we, the artists,  see on a canvas.. We stop, we wait patiently and view what we are offered.  Students say to me, how do you see that orange, or that purple or any colour I may suggest in their painting.  I may not see it in their reference but I have seen it.  When I stop and look, I promise you all the compliment colours and the reflected light  and the discord colours are there.

Artists we are not only here to paint pictures we are here to teach our viewers to see the beauty around us in all its glory.  Go have fun and see our world in the colour that it is.

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Think about this


” Colour can be placed anywhere, as long as it is the right value and the right temperature”.

Your painting is not a replication of a photograph. These copies of nature are a two-dimensional representation of our lives. Take a look and tell me that the shadows are black and that the colour of the objects in the foreground are the same as the values in the back.

Here is the challenge.  Find a quiet place to watch when day is meeting night. Monet  repeated the same painting numerous times because he knew that as light changed on any given object, so did the colour of the said object. Your objective is to look at the direct light, the reflective light, and cast shadow.  In other words study value, temperature, and harmony in conjunction with light source.

Only to be repetitive, here is where you plan, decide what you are going to say.  Once the brush is in your hand you create.

Now back to my original statement. If you do your home work you will see how the light, as it changes, produces a different reaction to the emotional responses. Given this, brown can be purple and white can be light mint green. Colour is yours to explore.

All I can say is have fun. May be plein air is in your future.



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