Where to begin



Painted at the age of eighteen when there was much turmoil going on

So I have wondered where I should start. At the beginning, yes at where I think that becoming an artist started.

It was in the summer of 1992. A friend of mine, Joey, decided that she wanted to learn how to paint. You  have to understand this friend was very supportive of everything I did but I knew that next week it might be rollerblading that was taking her fancy. She was my biggest fan and  I never minded sharing what I did. So off to the art store we went.

It was at Jon Williams in Calgary that I got my first offer as an art instructor.  A mutual friend, Karen Gaetz, an up and coming artist in Calgary came into the store as we were settling up our purchases. She had seen some of  the art work I was doing at the time. She looked at me and asked ” Hey girl how would you like to teach a Pastel Portrait class. I just have so many classes and I have to give this one up.” I replied stuttering ” I don’t think so.”  My girlfriend beside me said “She’ll take the job.”  And an interview was set up.

As I entered  the Sprucecliffe community centre , my heart was in my throat. What did I think I was doing. I had no training, I only painted for myself. This woman Hilda was going to see me for the fraud I was. Why did I let Joey talk me into this. Deep breath. “Good morning, my name is Loretta. I have an appointment with Hilda.”  As I sat there trying to be a professional I was still wondering what I was doing there. As this woman looked at my art I had brought with me I knew in my heart I was not quitting my full time  job to become an instructor, teaching pastel portraits to a class of seniors. I was sure they knew more than me.

Now what all of you do not realize is that I did not have a degree and do not have a degree to this day (another part of my story).

I was so nervous that first day. I had prepared an outline covering what the class was going to study for the next ten weeks.

I entered the classroom, introduced myself and the rest of my life started.  



 Painted in my early twenties when I first moved to Alberta

also painted in my early twenties





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