To Draw or to Paint

First studio nude painted in mid nineties

painted in the mid nineties
I’ve discovered a new kind of student. The academic student.  The student that wants to have all the steps set down so that they can walk through them and create their painting.  Can this be done. Most probably but is it the way to learn to paint. I am not sure.

A few weeks ago I had two new students that wanted exactly a step by step dialog of how to learn how to create art. So I set them on the journey of drawing and learning how to see. If we step back into the sixteen hundreds, this is how it would be done. Years and years of drawing before the student ever got to hold a brush in his hand. The future artist had to start at the very beginning.

Problem was that neither of these future artists were happy. They had come to learn to paint. So after deliberating for a week and trying to find a way to both teach and make these two students happy I came up with this answer.

I would give them both. The lessons they needed to learn the elements of art and a paint brush.  Art is visual, and abstract. A person cannot understand what value is until they realize that the colour they are using is not creating the effect that they desire. They can not understand harmony til the colour is not working in their painting. I truly believe art is a learn as you paint subject. 

Years ago I was Plein Aire painting at a workshop and I was trying to paint light that was filtering through the trees. I seen it as a bright light hitting the ground. The instructor tried to explain to me why it wasn`t. I couldn`t get it. During the workshop. he also commented that sometimes it will be months maybe years later that one day you will be painting and a light will shine and that issue you didn`t get will suddenly come clear.  You know what, he was right.

One other point I would like to comment on. Yes you can learn to paint using all the elements and make a perfect painting. I actually sold one of these. I remember how excited I was. I used all the rules and look someone liked it.  I make a comment to the gallery owner where I was showing and his reply was  `Yes it was painted correctly but it was boring. Their was no energy in the painting. `

My suggestion is paint the subjects you love, from that will come the passion. Learn from each of your paintings. Make notes, make charts, use what ever tools you need to keep honing your skills. Never, ever though quit striving to learn more to make your story more articulate and colourful. Lastly enjoy the journey. It`s a  heck of a ride.



                                         new exploration in mixed media

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1 Response to To Draw or to Paint

  1. Sue says:

    Chris and I had a discussion the other day about you and your art work.
    Chris commented on how talented you are.
    Yes you are, but you are beyond talented, you are truly gifted.
    How the world enters your eyes and flows through you on to canvas leaves me in a state of wonder. I have experienced and visited places and people that I never imagined I would, through you.

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