what is cool and what is accepted

Vanessa to heavy for her head

Again another thoughtful day at work.  So where I am going today is what medium should an artist paint in.  I had an interesting day. I got to be part of meeting with an art product representative and had my students asking questions.

First what I think is very important, twice today I was asked about mediums that the galleries will accept. “I was told that people do not like pastels or watercolors”, “What does the consumer want”.

First of all who cares what the gallery wants. Second of all why are we letting the public decide what is art and what is not. Right now in the real world galleries are not accepting watercolours or pastels. Why? because the public does not want them.

Somewhere along the way the people who buy art have been convinced that certain mediums are not accepted. Artists pastels and watercolours have been around since the 1800’s. Chardon, Degas’s, Turners etc. Those artists did not care what anyone thought.

I  have been trying really hard to be sensitive to those that only paint for those who buy. I can’t do it. I need to paint what makes me sing. And I have to tell all of you out there that when some one buys a piece which is who I am or the piece that just evolved from inside of me, my heart sings and I feel validated as an artist, as a creator of something that has touched  the new owner with a thought or feeling of what I was trying to portray.

Another point I have to make. What if all artists were to paint what is required for them to make a sale. Where would Picasso, Klimt, Vermeer, The Impressionist, The Group of Seven be.  Where would the art of the world be?

Creating is the most magical and wonderful feeling that an artist can have. And I’m going to tell  you that peice that makes you so excited and happy is going to touch the heart of a viewer who will see into your heart.

Michelle, colour is magic

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1 Response to what is cool and what is accepted

  1. Dot Moore says:

    Oh my goodness Loretta! Your words paint a crystal picture. I truly believe the artist must release the story, picture, feeling that is inside them. Only then will they feel complete. I agree that you cannot paint only what sells. What sells are fashion or fads and they fade. Feelings never fade. Good work my friend.

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