Think about this


” Colour can be placed anywhere, as long as it is the right value and the right temperature”.

Your painting is not a replication of a photograph. These copies of nature are a two-dimensional representation of our lives. Take a look and tell me that the shadows are black and that the colour of the objects in the foreground are the same as the values in the back.

Here is the challenge.  Find a quiet place to watch when day is meeting night. Monet  repeated the same painting numerous times because he knew that as light changed on any given object, so did the colour of the said object. Your objective is to look at the direct light, the reflective light, and cast shadow.  In other words study value, temperature, and harmony in conjunction with light source.

Only to be repetitive, here is where you plan, decide what you are going to say.  Once the brush is in your hand you create.

Now back to my original statement. If you do your home work you will see how the light, as it changes, produces a different reaction to the emotional responses. Given this, brown can be purple and white can be light mint green. Colour is yours to explore.

All I can say is have fun. May be plein air is in your future.



About Loretta Secord

an artist with maybe something to say
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