why and what do you paint

So as the artist do we paint to replicate. In this time of our lives, I would say no.  There are so many outstanding ways to replicate which has nothing to do with painting.

As an artist we paint to depict a moment, a feeling and a connection to the image that we paint. We must as an artist touch our viewers beyond the composition we display.  Every image we portray should be talking about how that image talked to us. What we as the portrayer visualised. We are who make the magic happen.

Most people who do not see through the eyes of an artist have preconceived ideas of what they see.  A tree trunk is brown, leaves are green, roses are red.  Should I go on. What our viewers do not see is how the light or the shadow changes the image and makes it more than.

How do we obtain being able to put the images we, the artists,  see on a canvas.. We stop, we wait patiently and view what we are offered.  Students say to me, how do you see that orange, or that purple or any colour I may suggest in their painting.  I may not see it in their reference but I have seen it.  When I stop and look, I promise you all the compliment colours and the reflected light  and the discord colours are there.

Artists we are not only here to paint pictures we are here to teach our viewers to see the beauty around us in all its glory.  Go have fun and see our world in the colour that it is.

About Loretta Secord

an artist with maybe something to say
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