Hitting the wall

I never thought this would happen to me. I’ve hit the wall.  Last weekend, I spent two days in front of a 40x 40 canvas.  I knew the image I wanted to portray.  I did my homework, a small study.  I knew the atmosphere I was going to paint, the colours.  Was not quite sure about the technique I was going to use, but when it came to pick up the brush, I could not.

All of my painting life, I have always been able to paint, even if I was not totally inspired.  One sleeping night I even dreamed about painting.  Every possible way that I tell my people not to paint, I did.  I dabbed, I made muddy indescribable colours, and had terrible compositions.  People, I have never been in this spot.

I asked my mentor, what do I do?  I didn’t like his answer.  It wasn’t magic, but after mulling, he may have a point.  He directed me into exploring the other arts. The theater , or dancing, or the art of wine tasting, anything that will make the mind think in a creative manner.  I must point out, this does not mean a movie or any technical way of entertainment. You the artist must be able to connect to emotional energy that is being sent to you.  As of yet, I have not attempted this direction.  That is my mission this weekend. And I’m not talking about the wine tasting.

When you think about the concept it makes total sense.  We can all become so mired in what we are doing that we can no longer see reflective blue violet bouncing off the tree trunk.  The rusty orange that glows at that time just before the evening. We get desensitized to what we love the most.  Gosh it sounds like I’m in a relationship with my paint. A relationship gone south.  Possibly that is part of the problem. After thirty years my creative partner and I are bored with each other.  We need to go find each other.

Its time to explore, let’s go!!!!!!

Yes I am Smiling

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