as i sit

So some of you may not know, I am a gardener.  I have been working hard this year to make my place sing.  The fact of the matter is that it is not going to happen.

Nature is not stupendous in colour, it is subtle and calm.  It is the reason we love nature.  We live in a world that is moving fast..  Everything is technology and being connected.  When we step outside it all slows down,

I remember living on the prairies, looking at all of the pictures of the mountains and being so excited to see the mountains.  I was so disappointed.  I was expecting magnificent and I got awesome but not overwhelming.

I think as an artist and in this day and age we need to calm our viewers.  Why do I say this.  As I sit on my deck I realize that I love the calm and I need the calm.  Let’s  give our viewers our people a place to leave and have the down time,

Kanaskis in the winter

About Loretta Secord

an artist with maybe something to say
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