In a Quandary

The Ring Master

The Ring Master

Where shall I begin.  As you all know I’ve been struggling with being creative.

Good news.  I have been painting.  More paintings have come out of me in the last  six months than the last two years.  I have at least six new paintings already forming in my mind.  Of course, I’m off on a new tangent.  I’m excited and my brain is painting non stop

So what could be my quandary?

First of all let me tell you about my summer.  I moved my studio outside to that deck that I love so much to be on.  Under my gazebos I painted almost every day, when the sun shone or the rain poured.  I was in heaven.  I explored pastels, big oil paintings, new surfaces.  It was a plethora of creative excitement.

So September comes and I must pack up the best studio I have ever had, life goes on.  Time to get back to work.  Problem being that the summer opened up my creative channel and my whole house has become a studio… but this is not the real problem.  It feels GREAT to want to create again.

Here is my quandary.  You all know I do not paint for commerce, but I want to share.  That is an integral part of creating.  Easier said than done.  I must now put on the other hats of being an artist. I must photograph, crop and catalogue all my work.  I must market, advertise and network, not my art, but myself as the creator of the most exciting new art that has hit the art world.

I can hear it now, the voices, “So hire someone.”  I’m here to tell you I tried for two years.  I could not find anyone who wanted to take on the job of being an Art Marketer.   Then again I hear the voices, “Take your portfolio to the galleries. ” Good idea after I photograph, crop and catalogue all my work, write an Artist Statement , Resume and again sell myself..

I am not saying this is wrong, it is the way. What I’m trying to say is how can a person be totally right-brained to create, switch to the left brain to become the marketer, salesperson and then go home and again become the left brain creator of amazing art.

This is the quandary!!!!!!

Contiplating 10x15

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