who am I


This week I was asked “What kind of artist are you”. My response after pondering,  I am a modern traditionalist.  What does that mean? I love the traditional art and the modern art; I work hard to integrate both.

Thinking about what I just said. Traditional art is understanding the elements of design: composition, value, perspective, temperature and balance.  The foundation of any structure to make a sound base.  Modern art; being able to use the foundation and step out of the box like the impressionist did. I find colour fascinating. One of my fellow artists said one night at an art retreat. Quote, Erica Neumann, “You can put any colour anywhere, as long as it is the right temperature and the right value”  What an astute statement.

So by using the technical part of traditional art and the ideas of modern art and using modern materials, I explore new ideas, new techniques and incorporate this into the art I create.IMG_00000230

About Loretta Secord

an artist with maybe something to say
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