The Struggling artist

Tonight there I was in a room full of artists.  We were all there trying to improve the way we see, the way we express, and make what we do better.  During our break, as we discussed a new show coming up the comment was made, ” I’m the invisible artist”.  I looked at this woman with question.  She revealed that she has been an artist in Calgary since the sixties, struggling, trying to break into the world of being a recognized artist. This world of being an artist  is not an easy one.

We look into history and before the Impressionists, being an artist was designed.  You were either accepted into the salon to Exhibit or you were not.  Once the Impressionists stepped out of the regimented world of art, all things changed.  Now over a hundred years later there are no guidelines to be followed, not all so bad, the freedom to express is welcomed.

What I am scared of is that in this world of technology and speed, the art of being a craftsman in any trade; being it art of painting or the building of fine furniture, is secondary to having it all.

About Loretta Secord

an artist with maybe something to say
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