To art

To art or not.  I have not been here for awhile. Why, because I lost my passion to create, to be creative.  This last year I have been inspired again because of life’s moments.

Life happens even when your not looking. The events that have taken place in my life have aroused why I paint. Family, friends and living this is it all in a hand bag.

Since I was very young I have been painting people. In high school my pages were covered in all of my fellow students around me. Got me me in more trouble more than once, but  I’m a bit strong headed.

Recently in passing it was mentioned that portraits do not sell. Although I know this, am I painting to sell or do I paint to portray moments in life we all have.  Have to say this has put my painting on hold for three weeks, not five years.

The question is can I paint a landscape, a still life, a street scene? I ask you to visit  I am currently revising this website as it is not user friendly but it gives you an idea. I believe the answer is there.

I paint portraits, people because to me the moments I capture can touch everyone of us. Painting people I  know invites passion into my work.

Paint what inspires you. I hope that’s why we create!


Thank you for visiting


About Loretta Secord

an artist with maybe something to say
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