Is the art good enough

12x16I struggle with this all the time.  I paint a few new paintings and I’m so excited.  I feel I;ve finally made a painting that will touch people.  And then a while later I wonder what I was thinking.

I’m in an art display this weekend.  I put out a couple of pieces, not large by any means, but just a little different from I have put out before.  And now hours before the show, I’m panicking..  Will my art stand up.  Am I going to look like a smuck.

I know the basics. I know the elements that make a painting.  I can pick out what needs to be done to a painting, or what needs to be fixed, but can I excite the viewer with what I have to offer.

As an artist every time we put  our creations on display, we are putting ourselves out to the public.  I think this is the scariest moment you can endure.  Scarier than bungy jumping.

About Loretta Secord

an artist with maybe something to say
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